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Dadaab FM, your Voice, your station


Due to  ongoing Violence and years of anarchy in somalia,the Somali Population are displaced around the world especially Kenya which shares border with somalia,The Violence has resulted in lack of Education and highest rate of illiteracy,Fortunaley there are Humanitarian organization that always wish to help the destitute people but  the biggest problem is Communication and source of information -there is little communication between the aid workers and refugees this has increased the plight of the refugees.

Now, 107.5 Dadaab FM was recently launched with a view to providing the Dadaab area, in particular, the five camps with its first dedicated community station. This was in response to a key need both on the part of the donor/NGO community coupled with a clear desire on the part of potential listeners to have their own voice which delivers a combination of strong messaging and entertainment.

Dadaab FM aims to keep people informed and engaged. The people will have a key role in content creation and presenting. We also have plans to start effective radio-based primary education lessons which can also be broadcasted in the Somali language to allow them access to basic education

Certainly radio breaks boundaries created by race, religion, age groups, denominations,

and unites people from different cultural and intellectual backgrounds and brings

them  into a common good environment. The use of local language can

help illiterate people to easily communicate, and also covers

people that are far apart and where there is a lack of transportation.

In addition, unlike television, the radio program brings the family together. In Africa,

Radio is by communal listening where all the family gathers to listen to radio. This

Provides the family a time to be together, either listening or discussing what they have

heard on radio. Radio has replaced the instructional fireplace. In terms of impact, family

unity is enhanced. By extension, if all families listening put everything in practice, then

there will be a bigger impact in terms awareness and prevention of diseases.

There is a need for effective community participation in all areas of life – civic,

Educational, spiritual, and physical. the issues related to HIV/AIDS require adapting to our real cultural situation and Dadaab FM  will act as a community forum for opinion, and will give high priority to celebrating the achievements of its community.

Hassan Abdi

Station Manager,

Dadaab FM




  1. Walal wn ku slmy sln kadib magacayga wa abdifah siyad o jogo ifo hada hadi an idacad ka qeyb qato waxa dhacday in an xarin jaceyl wadagno gabar lagu magacabo safiya o daris nahay wxn wada soconay muda lix sano oo hore lkn hada sida lo so galay sanadkan 20012 wn fahmi la ahay wxn ku arkay waji an ku ogani jirin lkn mxay kugu tala anga sida ugama haraye e adga mxa tala ad i haysa

  2. Abdi ore says:

    Waxan joga hagadhera block c10 waxan salama mumino ore,deckow ore, ruqiyo bile,ali bile, ali yarow, m.yarow,iyo waberi secondary schl students

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