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school drop out of girls and early marriage


In most developing countries, girls do not receive the same educational opportunities as boys. Even when given the opportunity to be educated, the girls typically face formidable barriers to the completion of their studies.  For example, while virtually all girls in Kenya are initially enrolled in primary school, approximately 65% of them drop out before completing Standard 8 (source: Forum for African Women Educationalists).  Many of the barriers that girls face in striving to stay in school are either directly or indirectly related to reproductive health, sexual behavior, and maturation.  Some of the causes of school dropout in Kenya include early marriage, pregnancy, lack of gender appropriate facilities in schools (such as latrines), low self-esteem, lack of money, harassment by male teachers and fellow students, and the low value placed on the education of girls by their parents and society in general.Of course there are some girls who have the potential and do make it, but as well the rest of whom we regard as short sighted can also make it if at all they abandon some of their properties which lead to failure, like, solitary work, procrastination, being diurnal and sleeping at night and many others. For those who perform well but mostly drop out schooling due to pregnancy and early marriage have many causes among them is parental perspective influence. Many parents have erroeous prospect of their daughters in engaging fornication hence reason for their involvement in early marriage. “there are so many ways to kill a rat” and ofcourse so many ways to eliminate that. For example holding seminar for parents, creating public awareness by broadcasting through media services on the effects of school drop out, counseling them over those alarming issues and also advising the girls themselves.  In an interview with mrs fadma, who live in ifo camp says, there are number of ways we cam eliminate highly performing girls from drop out of school and early marriage. ” they must be given  much consideration when it comes to learning by either giving them extra classes or providing them with learning materials and also making them uderstand the importance of education.” However, early marriage is a result of peer group misleading the girls into bad perception like higher education is a waste of time that must not be listen. Lastly parents ought to keep a special eye on the future of their daughters and avoid bargaing on them.

Rukia Abdikadir Mohamed


Ifo Refugee Camp.

The Voice of Dadaab Refugees





  1. Fuad says:

    thanks Rukia. However, I don’t understand the issue of teachers harassing the students. teachers are educator. they diagnose misbehaviors by categorising ,and finding it is causes. in addition, they enhance psychodynamic model which is emotional.to add, they always follow procedures to build positive discipline so that students become responsible and self control. Negatively, when a teacher is not trained or does not qualify to be a teacher he or she might not know what to do to enforce discipline.

  2. Abdirashid Hussein says:

    My first appreciation goes to Rukia, for her purposeful participation in the field of media, esp http://www.dadabcamps.com team, we were real lacking a female contribution towards gender socialization. Your first impression divised your occupation to empower women as it goes ‘ birds with the same feather flock together’. To add on ways to improve girls enrollment and performance in school is see a role model like you…

  3. Shukran rukia nd others. Receive my greeting. I addition 2 dat grls must be alert in hving relationship with boys bse same boys a envious, they don’t want da development of our grls 2day.

  4. fardowsa says:

    thnk u sis, i know and i have noticed that girls in the camp have bad both their families and their. i’ll like them encourage themselves. n plz sisters dont let other people tell u something that will effect u r future

  5. fardowsa says:

    sorry i meant bad experience in both their fam n society

  6. kadar says:

    Well, let’s be careful of what we say, I don’t think forced marriage exists these days. An early marriage is not a bad thing to do, but it depends on how it is approached.


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